Turinabol solo course and dosage

Turinabol solo course

Turinabol solo course

Turinabol is ideal for people trying anabolic steroids for the first time, for young athletes, because in moderate doses does not disturb the hormonal system, does not cause disorders and complications.

In more professional sports, this drug used as an intermediary between the main courses of anabolic steroids. With a moderate dosage, the drug is used for women’s sports. Effective for drying and fat burning.

The drug is used both for building muscle mass and for drying. Turinabol solo course is one of the simplest and relatively safe but also ineffective. The solo course is suitable for very careful beginner bodybuilders.

Duration of a solo course based on Turinabol: 6 weeks. Such a diet allows the slightest harm to health. To be precise, testosterone production is suppressed during the second week of the course, causing the corresponding adverse reactions that occur with low testosterone and hypogonodism. Therefore, it is not recommended to use solo cycles without testosterone for more than 6 weeks.

Dosage of Turinabol course

Dosage of Turinabol course

For the first cycle, a steroid of 40 mg per day is recommended. The optimal dose of the drug for adult men is 30-50 mg per day, for young people – 20 mg a day, for women – no more than 10 mg/day. The maximum dose is 100 mg, its excess can lead to severe disorders of heart and liver function. Should be taken twice a day: morning and afternoon.

For athletes who are not interested in increasing their muscle mass but in increasing their endurance (athletes, wrestlers), lower doses of Turinabol are recommended, and a solo course may be very suitable. The optimal dose is 10-20 mg of the drug per day.

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In terms of duration, periods of 1 to 2 months are usually used. Since muscle mass grows quite slowly, it makes no sense to take it less than 3 weeks. And more than 2 months is undesirable, so as not to overload the liver.

Ideal first solo course of Turinabol

Ideal first solo course of Turinabol

No other compound has such a wide range of possible doses as Turinabol. You can cycle anything between 10 and 100mg ED, and get all the fantastic results.

Start with 20mg, wait for the effect, with Turinabol it will not take more than a week. If you feel you can take more, increase the dose to 30 mg ED. Remember that high doses should be divided into portions to reduce the effect.

Perfect first cycle of Turinabol should look like:

Week 110-20mg ED
Week 220-30mg ED
Week 330mg ED
Week 450mg ED in 2 parts
Week 550mg ED in 2 parts
Week 6100mg ED in 2 parts

If there is no result after completion of the 6-week course you can continue to take 100 mg ED in 2 parts, 50 mg two times a day for 7-8 week, then switch to a more powerful compound.

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