Combined courses of Turinabol and other drugs

Popular combined courses of Turinabol

Popular combined courses of Turinabol

Turinabol is very often used in combination cycles for weight gain, as an anabolic agent for an androgenic drug. There are many options for such courses.

The most common combinations for Turinabol and other drugs:

  • Turinabol 40 mg. + Boldenone from 400 mg. per week – a safe course for muscle mass of very high quality. It makes sense to take such a course for at least 8 weeks because boldenone “speeds up” for a very long time. It is mandatory to use gonadotropin and get out of the course with a “short” testosterone ester three weeks before the end of the course, followed by taking anti-estrogen medication.
  • Turinabol 40 mg. + Testosterone (Sustanon, testosterone enanthate) from 250 mg. during the week. Duration from 6 weeks.
  • Turinabol 40mg. + Nanrolone (Deca) from 200 mg. during the week.
  • Turinabol 40mg. + Testosterone propionate from 100 mg. every other day – duration 6 weeks – variant of the course for drying.

Turinabol and Sustanon (by weight)

Turinabol and Sustanon (by weight)

The course is based on a long-acting multicomponent steroid – Sustanon 250. The active substance in Susta comprises four testosterones with short- and long-lived esters. The use of Sustanon allows you to quickly “achieve” the optimal concentration of the active substance in the body.

After injection, Sustanon esters work in sequence. The propionate begins to work first, almost immediately after the injection. Then take the relay of testosterone phenylpropionate and so on. The duration of action of Sustanon in the body is about 20 days.

On a combined diet with sustanon + turinabol the risk of side effects is less than on a diet with other testosterones. If you are afraid of possible side effects, especially gynecomastia, you may include in the course of a drug that prevents such side effects from developing – Anastrozole.

What expects from the course Turinabol+Sustanon:

  • Rapid increase in body weight and strength up to 10 kg in 6 weeks;
  • The classic combination of androgens and anabolics significantly increases the effect of the course;
  • Course without risk of side effects;
  • Faster recovery after intense training;
  • High physical and emotional tone;
  • Effective recovery after class with minimal setbacks.

When we use sustanon in one cycle, we need to inject it a little more often than any other testosterone. The injection should be given once every five days. In addition, it is ideal for “loading”. After the first injection, the dose is doubled – 500 mg. (Two ampoules) in the following times the dose is reduced to 250 mg. once every 5 days.

Turinabol is taken according to the standard schedule of this steroid – 4 tablets a day divided into two doses. Evening and Morning.

Turinabol and Boldenone (on dry weight)

Turinabol and Boldenone (on dry weight)

Turinabol – Boldenone course is very effective and safe as both drugs do not aromatize (they do not turn into female sex hormones in the body). Therefore, you will not be “flooded” with water and you will get muscles of unique quality. The scheme for this course is designed for 10 weeks of drug use. A shorter course of such a “long” drug as boldenone will be less effective.

Turinabol – Boldenone course is one of the most popular courses among beginners and more advanced athletes. Despite its relatively high cost, the course has a number of benefits that you do not get by using cheaper medicines.

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What expects from the course Turinabol+Boldenone:

  • No side effects;
  • The increase in the quality of muscles, without fat, water from 8 kg;
  • Increased appetite;
  • Fat burning;
  • Enlargement of the vein – the effect of boldenone;
  • Increased endurance and severe increase in strength;

Turinabol we take 4 tablets a day. Divided into two doses – morning and evening. We inject Boldenone once a week, like any “long” medicine, 600 mg each (3 dice) for 8 weeks. After the last injection, boldenone will be active for another two weeks.

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